5 Ways to Take Care of Your Leather and Vinyl Car Upholstery

Fancy cars with expensive and stylish leather seats are something that is adored by all, but the indispensable fact that if these cars are not maintained well, it can decrease the market value and durability of the cars up by to 50%. Therefore, the maintenance of cars is something which should never be compromised.In the proceeding paragraphs, the right method to clean and take care of leather and vinyl car upholstery is explained.

1. Vacuum.

The most fundamental task to maintain cars is, to vacuum them from time to time. Clearing out the dust particles is crucial. The crumbs of garlic bread which had fallen when you were eating in the car while driving or the sand particles from your beach clothes, which your car seat got exposed to when you drove back from the beach, could be easily cleaned with the help of a vacuum.

2. All-purpose cleaner/ leather cleanser.

Depending upon the type of material your car upholstery is made of, one can either use an all-purpose cleaner (which is readily available and affordable) or a leather cleaner. Use car cleaner evenly on the car seat and use more cleaning solution on areas where there are stains or oils.

3. Soft bristle car cleaning brush.

Make the best use of a car cleaning brush and wipe out the stains and marks on the car seats by brushing those areas, after spreading cleaner evenly. Even if there are not any stains or marks, the timely use of a soft bristle brush to clean the seats can improve the look and the quality of the seats.

4. Wipe dry.

After cleaning the seats with a cleaner and the brush, wipe out the excess moisture with the help of a microfiber cleaning cloth. The microfiber cloth helps to avoid scratches while cleaning and gives an effortless, perfect finish.

5. Leather polish.

If you have your car upholstery made of leather, one can make the best use of leather polish which gives a shiny flawless touch to the car seats.

These are the basic steps to maintain the car upholstery but apart from this, having a car air freshener at all times and avoiding eating in the car would surely level up your game.

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