5 Reasons Why a Winter Road Trip Is Not Such a Bad Idea

When you think road trip, what season immediately springs (no pun intended) to mind? 

In the US, the months of May, September, and October would, unsurprisingly, see a lot of road trips. Spring offers festivals, spring blooms, and shoulder-season rates; while autumn will take your breath away with its explosion of colors, smaller crowds, and cooler weather. 

A winter road trip?

“No, thanks. I’d rather stay indoors and stay warm.”

That’s one reason why a lot of people would rather not hit the road in winter. The other reasons—and they’re pretty valid—are as follows:  


Less daylight

December has the shortest days, so you might feel you’ve been shortchanged by Nature. 


Snow means it can get pretty cold—maybe even too cold to get out of your vehicle to go on your planned hike. Not to mention snow can do a number on your vehicle.

Closed roads, parks, hotels, etc.

Depending on the amount of snow or if there’s a winter storm, closure of roads and places you need to visit is not out of the question.

Car trouble in remote places

It’s snowing and you’re miles from the nearest service shop . . . no, it’s not fun at all. 

(But hey, you could be an avid photographer or videographer, and you could make the most of the scenery while waiting for help.) 

OK, winter is not a perfect time for road trips. But should you disregard the idea altogether? You may want to reconsider. 


Why you shouldn’t rule out a winter road trip

Unless you’re a winter sports freak, you will likely not be jumping at the first chance to go on a winter road trip. However, if you’re up for adventure, why would you not give it a try?


Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Less traffic

Expect much fewer cars on the road, especially as you approach a typically crowded destination in the spring or summer. That also means short or practically zero lines at entrances.

  1. Smaller crowds 

If hiking trails and parks are not crowded, you will get more scenery than people. And if you’re going on a road trip partly or mainly for some self-reflection or to reconnect with a loved one, then the absence of distraction from huge crowds is just what you need.

  1. Easier to book a hotel

This is a given. Even if some hotels may be closed, you can still have an easier time booking a place to stay and come in out of the cold after you’ve spent most of the day being out and about. 

  1. Lower rates

Not only are hotels easier to book, but you’re getting off-peak-season rates. That goes for guided hiking and backpacking trips and tours as well!

  1. A whole new (possibly life-changing) experience

This practically goes without saying. Winter has its own magic, and it has its own way of helping you get introspective and arrive at realizations that will benefit you and those who matter to you in the long run (or at once, as the case may be). That is, when it’s not urging you to come out and throw snowballs, make snow angels, go snow sledding, or ski for the first time.

A road trip in winter will not be a breeze. It takes research and preparation to keep your wits about you in the kind of weather you will be driving in. And don’t lose your sense of humor, either. 


Is it worth it? As far as adventure, new experiences, and life lessons (if you’re mindful) go, yes.


To make sure your winter road trip is as hassle-free as it can get, make sure your car is ready. Not only should you enjoy your trip, you should also avoid expensive repairs caused by negligence.

For great savings when it comes to necessary repairs (especially as part of preparing your car for the trip), check out EverCare Protection’s vehicle service contract plans if your manufacturer’s warranty is running out soon.

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