7 Ways to Help Your Teenage Driver Become Safety Conscious

Any parent whose kid reaches driving age will have cause to worry. Teenage drivers are more likely to easily get distracted and/or engage in risky behavior and less likely to remain calm and composed in emergencies.

So how do you channel your worry into a productive campaign to keep your teen driver safe?

Here are 7 ways to do it:

1. Help your teenage driver get into the habit of buckling up.

This could involve repeating yourself over and over, but eventually, your words will stick. Even better, the example you set will eventually be followed, especially if you consistently share time on the road with your teenage driver.

2. Establish a zero-tolerance rule regarding alcohol.

Reinforce what their driving instructors no doubt drummed into them during lessons: the fines and punishment for those caught driving while drunk, the danger they put themselves in (as well as their passengers and other motorists), the potential damage to their car, etc. Just as important, be their role model.

3. Make sure they’re perfectly capable of dealing with road emergencies.

At the very least, make sure they have the contact information for the appropriate source of help should they encounter an emergency. Ideally, however, they should be able to handle the most common road emergencies.

4. Equip them with the tools and items they will need in emergencies.

Make sure they have all the necessary tools and first-aid items in their car with them. Check from time to time to see that they themselves have inventoried their supplies, especially the first-aid kit, and replaced any expired or damaged items, stocked up on fresh batteries for the flashlight, etc.

5. Work with them to ensure proper vehicle maintenance.

You get two things out of this: You ensure your teenage driver’s car is in good working condition and help keep them safe on the road, and you help ensure that you keep your warranty and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

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6. Give your teenage driver plenty of time to master nighttime driving.

Teenage drivers can’t afford to take nighttime driving for granted. To ensure their safety on the road at night, take them out for plenty of practice. You can make this an extra-fun activity by letting your kid take a friend or two along so they can practice together under your supervision.

7. Help your teenage driver practice driving in bad weather.

In addition to driving at night, driving in inclement weather can also be a major challenge for any young, inexperienced driver. Imagine getting caught in the rain at night! Meet the challenge head-on by letting your teenage driver hone their driving skills (not to mention their problem-solving skills and situational awareness) when the “opportunity” presents itself or when the rainy days come.

The best way to ensure your teenage driver’s safety on the road is to arm them with the necessary skills and help them develop a safety-conscious attitude toward driving. When you tackle these “tasks,” you actually give yourself precious opportunities for some quality bonding time!

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