What Is a Vehicle Service Contract?

A vehicle service contract is a paid plan that kicks in to help cover vehicle repair costs after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty that is covered in the purchase of a new, as well as some used or certified pre-owned, cars. Although it is sometimes referred to as an extended warranty, a vehicle service …

8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Brake Pads

Your brakes play a critical role in ensuring your and other peoples’ safety on the road. That’s why paying extra attention to their performance should be among your top maintenance priorities. A critical component of your braking mechanism is the brake pads—the removable surfaces that calipers use to make contact with the rotors during the …

6 Ways to Keep the Carmaker from Voiding Your Car Warranty

A car warranty is a lifesaver in many ways, and yet it’s also easy to get it voided. A car warranty is essentially a contract between a car owner and the carmaker; and many car owners have learned the hard way that it can be quite easy to fail to hold up their end of …

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