Your brand new refrigerator. The washer and dryer set that continues to impress years after purchase. The air conditioning system that keeps your family cool in the summer and the heater that keeps them warm in the winter. All of these machines and more in your home have one thing in common: They all came with a warranty, whether limited or extended.

But with all the paperwork that comes with an appliance or system purchase, it can be easy to lose track of which ones are still under warranty or have an extended warranty. Knowing which items in your home are still protected by warranty can be the difference between a free or low-cost fix or replacement and paying out of pocket (if they can be replaced or repaired at all due to advances in technology).

How do you find out if an appliance or system is under warranty or extended warranty? The first step is to look at your home warranty policy to see the list of items covered.

If your appliance or system isn’t covered under your home warranty, the next step is to note how long you’ve owned the appliance. If bought within 30 days, the store is more likely to accept the defective unit for a refund or a replacement. Many manufacturers supply their products with a one-year warranty. If the appliance breaks down in that time frame, it will be covered.

Another way to find out if your appliance or system is covered under warranty is to check the owner’s manual or your receipts, since you may have purchased an extended warranty on top of the original warranty. The manufacturer’s website can also help, as can contacting the retailer where you purchased the appliance.

Finally, if you purchased your system or appliance with a credit card, it’s possible that the purchase came with a free extended warranty — usually a year after the original warranty runs out. Contact the credit card company to confirm.

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