Pros and Cons of Parking Your Car in the Garage in Winter

Sure, it’s nice to get into a relatively warm car in the morning, or at whatever time you need to head out to work, but what happens when you get home with all that ice, snow, and salt on your car?

Obviously, specific factors come into play for different car owners when it comes to parking or not parking in the garage in winter. Of course, there are things you can do to prevent damage to your car, whether it’s parked outside or inside.

But keep in mind these pros and cons and decide on the best option for you:

The pros of parking your car in the garage in winter

Having a garage attached to your house seems like a perfect setup—not only to minimize your vehicle’s exposure to the sun and radiation in summer but also to keep it out of the cold and snow in winter. 

Here are the pros of keeping your car in the garage in the summer:

  1. No snow to brush off

How can you not welcome the sight of your car with zero signs of snow or ice on its body to brush or scrape off? It definitely helps cut your prep time in the morning! Not only that, it also which means less chance of your paint job and windshield wipers getting damaged.

  1. Less time spent starting the car

Provided that your garage is properly insulated for the winter, you should have a warm car waiting for you in the morning. Take note that starting your engine in cold weather can take up to twice the amount of energy required on any normal day. The colder the temperatures, the harder every part of your car has to work.

  1. Lesser chance of essential fluids thickening

Away from the cold outside, your car’s engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and other essential fluids will have lesser chances of thickening. This means they can lubricate internal parts quicker when you start your car.

  1. Reduced risk of vehicle body damage in inclement weather

In nasty weather, if your car is parked outside, it can easily sustain body damage from things like fallen ice-laden tree branches, or trees.

The cons of parking your car in the garage in winter

While the pros are certainly compelling, the cons too cannot be ignored—and make you more vigilant in ensuring conditions that would prevent any damage to your vehicle.

Here are the cons of parking your car in your garage in the winter:

  1. Rust

Getting home in winter is another story, especially if there’s a storm. When you park your car directly in your garage and it’s covered in snow and ice, the snow will melt, but also, the warmer temperature, along with humidity and any salt residue will accelerate rusting (oxidation).

  1. Condensation

The warmer temperature in your garage will cause condensation, which will fog some of the mechanical components of our car. Some of these, like the radiator, the exhaust system, and the engine, are highly susceptible to rust.

  1. Temperature shifts

The temperature shifts that your car is exposed to can bring on a quick deterioration of the rubber seals.

How to prevent damage to your car if you park it in your garage in winter

Like most people, you want to take care of your car the best way you can. Winter can certainly throw a handful of challenges your way.

If your specific circumstances make parking your car in your garage in winter your best option, here are 3 ways you can prevent the damages brought on by oxidation, condensation, and great temperature shifts:

  • Avoid heating your garage too much in the winter. Stick to an ambient temperature of about 41 degrees (5 degrees Celsius).
  • Make sure your garage is well ventilated. This will help your car to dry up quicker, and therefore reduce humidity.
  • Don’t forget to wash your car to remove any residue of chemicals that can damage your paint job and cause rusting.

Being proactive and mindful of the conditions in your garage as well as keeping your vehicle’s body clean will enable you enjoy the pros of parking your car in your garage in cold weather without having to suffer the headaches (and shoulder the expenses) caused by the cons.

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