You now know what a home warranty is, how they work, what items and systems can be covered under their original or extended warranties, and how much having a home warranty can save you when something breaks down (see previous blog posts). Now it’s time to learn about the benefits of a solid home warranty, as well as what such a warranty covers.

A solid home warranty should cover all of your home’s major appliances and systems, from your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove and garage door opener to your electrical, interior plumbing, water heater, air conditioning and heating. And, if you have one, your swimming pool.

The biggest and most obvious benefit of a solid home warranty is cost savings. Reaching for your wallet to get a stand mixer fixed is one thing. But when it comes to large appliances and systems, a solid home warranty will have your back while protecting your bank account and budget against massive repair and replacement costs.

A related benefit of a solid home warranty is knowing upfront what your coverage and liability are. You’ll see on your contract which appliances and systems are covered and if there is a coverage maximum.

Another benefit of a solid home warranty is improved time management. After all, if your warranty can fix your issues as quickly as possible, why leave such things to chance? A home warranty can put you in touch with the right people at the right time, when a repair is needed

This leads to another important benefit of a solid home warranty — it complements your homeowners insurance. Together you can have near complete protection. And with some home warranties, you can get discounts on quality appliances when it’s time to replace.

Choosing the right home warranty will make your life easier, home management less stressful, and your wallet happier and fatter in the long run.