The greatest investment anyone can ever make into their lives is the purchase of a home. Whether it’s new construction in a mixed-use development over in the exurbs or a century-old home in a long-established neighborhood down in the city, a home is a place to establish deep roots in a community. It’s where memories are made with friends and family, a cozy, warm escape from the chaos and grind of the everyday.

Thus, it’s imperative to protect your greatest investment with every tool at your disposal. One such tool is a home warranty. Such warranties cover the repair costs of your home’s appliances and systems in the event they break down. After all, no one wants to find out how much it would cost to repair or replace a $2,000 refrigerator or a $10,000 HVAC system set out of pocket. According to, most new homeowners buy a one-year home warranty when close to closing on their first or next home, providing peace of mind for a while after moving in.

Unlike home insurance, which covers the home and all belongings in the event of a catastrophe, home warranties cover repairs and replacements of home systems and kitchen appliances as a result of normal wear and tear. A home warranty comes into play when, of course, a system or appliance breaks down. From there, the homeowner submits a claim to their provider, who then processes the claim and calls upon the technician needed to remedy the issue(s).

Upon arrival, the technician observes and assesses whether a system or appliance needs repair or total replacement, and collects the service call fee set by the warranty contract. If the tech has the parts to make the repair on-site, the repair can occur almost immediately; otherwise, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to conduct the repair or replacement. After that, all can return to normal, as life should be with a home.